Friday, 20 June 2008

Dragonfly Dreams

I'm still busy making a variety of small flowers for earrings rather than concentrating on any large projects at the moment. Life seems to be quite hectic just lately, and so these little projects are still satisfyingly beady but quick enough to fit in around other commitments. I have been branching out with my colour schemes a little too - I'm still using a limited range of colours in each piece (well it just wouldn't be me otherwise would it!) but the colours I have been putting together are a little bit more experimental. I have just finished a pair of earrings I made for myself, I don't often wear my own jewellery despite my friends nagging me to do so, and the inspiration for the colours in these is a pretty top I have - it's a busy mix of teal, turquoise, coral, bright red and yellow green and I absolutely love it.

We are going to a live music concert tomorrow night at the Lowdham book festival to see Show of Hands and so I thought I would wear my favourite top and make myself some coral and teal earrings to go with it. The only beads I had that were a good match to the top were some tiny size 15 seed beads that I once ordered by mistake (I normally work with the slightly larger size 11 seed beads) and so I have been experimenting with petal shapes using the smaller size - a success I think, but my eyes definitely need a break now and my purse is quivering at the thought of me possibly wanting to build up a collection of size 15's! The photo above shows the raw materials and the photo below is of the finished pair of earrings.

It's been a busy week on Etsy this past week too. I was thrilled to find my work in five beautiful treasuries and I created my first treasury too - Dragonfly Dreams. As I understand it, you are not supposed to feature your own work in a treasury that you curate, it is more to acknowledge and promote other Etsy members, so I created my treasury around a dragonfly theme with a mixture of beadwoven pieces from the Etsy Beadweavers team (of which I am a member) and other delightful handmade items I found - a couple of which also use my new favourite coral and teal colour combination! I enjoyed searching through Etsy to find items to fit my theme and discovered lots of wonderful talent in the process and I'm looking forward to 'snagging' a spot for my next treasury which also has a fun theme!


  1. I love those little earrings. I love the peyote stitch. It is so versitile. Thank you for including me in the dragonfly treasury.

  2. Those earrings are gorgeous. I know you will love wearing them. I keep saying I will need to make myself some earrings also. Just never seem to get to it.

  3. Those earrings are great. Congrats on the treasury.

  4. Kerrie - your earrings are so cute!

    I get my 15's at

    International shipping is $14.50 for up to 60 colors, so you MUST order 60 to save money, right? :D

  5. Love the earrings, Kerrie.

    Bet the concert was good, was thinking of you and wish we'd got tickets!

  6. Kerrie, it's been forever since I have come by your blog... I had a busier than usual week last week, and I am behind in all my blog reading/commenting...
    Anyways, the earrings are lovely. The colour combination is quite stunning.
    Congratulations on the 5 (five?) treasuries you appeared in. I am envious - even though I know I shouldn't be - because nobody seems to even know my etsy store exists. All in good time, I hope.
    Also, congratulations even more of snagging a spot for your treasury. I want to make one, but I seem to have bad timing.
    I hope you had fun at the concert.

  7. Those earrings are just sooooo pretty! And I love the colours. I really must try flowers some day soon...and risk one more addiction!

  8. Thanks for your lovely comments everyone!

    Susan - I succumbed ... my collection of 15's is growing :)

    Alison - the concert was excellent, if a little damp ;)

    Erin - don't be downhearted, it does take lots of hard work and you are doing just great girl :D

    Kerrie x