Wednesday 17 April 2013

Stripes and Spikes!

Issue three of the new on-line beading magazine Digital Beading Magazine is now available and it seems to have grown yet again with 166 pages and over 50 very varied projects.  I have two new projects in this issue and I was thrilled to see that my project Floribunda Bangle is on the cover!  The bangle is part of the range that I have been creating with the beautiful Czech glass striped beads from Preciosa Ornela and is a really substantial 'statement piece', but as all the flowers are removable you can make as many as you want or even just make one to wear as a pretty pendant.

The second project 'Simply Spikes' is exactly what the name suggests; a set of bracelets and rings that use only the new spike beads from and strangely for me ... no seed beads!

And last but not least, little 'Flash' the stripey owl has his Australian version of the Preciosa Ornela advert in the magazine too!  I know it looks as though I have hijacked this issue of the new magazine, but don't worry, with 166 pages there are plenty of other projects to choose from - why not purchase a copy and see for yourself?

See you next time!



  1. Love the striped bead designs. The striped patterns look especially striking in the flowers. Not to mention that the design with the detachable flowers is ingenious.

    The last year or two I've been a big fan of striped seed beads and wish they'd get some more well deserved attention so that more beaders would discover them and their potential.

    Just wish it was easier to find them (which is partially why I want more people to crave them besides me)! Especially in sizes 8/0-11/0, transparent colours and in Europe (found a shop with 11/0's in the UK which was great until I saw what they charged for shipping to Sweden -- yikes!). But one can't get everything I guess...

  2. The striped flowers are lovely. Never thought of using them in flowers. I could only see them in tribal jewellery. I was so wrong. I love your work. Nature and especially flowers and plants is really a wonderful source of inspiration. Milka


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