Wednesday 23 September 2009

Back to nature ...

I had a flash of inspiration last week and saw a finished piece of beadwork dangling tantalizingly before my mind's eye. It was black, it was shiny, it was unusual and it wasn't flowers! I spent the best part of three days trying to turn that vision into reality, but right now it seems it's not meant to be. I haven't given up on the idea though and so I have put the poor sad thing to one side until I am ready to try again. In the meantime, I went back to what I know and created another flower pin. This one uses all cylinder beads rather than the mix of seeds and cylinders that I used for the daisies and I chose hex-cut Delicas in purple iris to create a deliciously dark flower which I have called Nightflower.

Another recent creation that I forgot to show you last week is Bluebell Wood necklace which is a bit different to my usual style of work. I created my bluebell earrings back in July and always meant to make a necklace to match but it didn't quite work out that way. If you know beads and beadwork, you will understand that sometimes the beads 'talk' to you and these little bluebells didn't want to be hung on a silver chain or attached to a beaded rope. They wanted to be wild and free, pretty, but a little bit rustic and so I searched for some wood to incorporate to make them feel at home and mixed it with some coloured leather and sterling silver. What do you think? I rather like it :0)

Wednesday 9 September 2009

Cosmic Peacock!

The new issue of Beadwork magazine is out in the US and should be in the shops here in the UK in the next couple of weeks, although subscribers have already received their copies I believe. My Cosmic Peacock lariat (aka Eye of the Peacock lariat) is one of the projects in this issue and so I received a lovely parcel from Interweave this week. It included my contributor copy of the magazine and Ms Peacock herself who has flown all the way to ♥Loveland♥ Colorado and back, to have her picture taken professionally. She's now up for sale in my Etsy shop

I originally designed this necklace in November last year and you can see the blog post about her creation here . I was fortunate enough to sell the original necklace and so I had to make another one to send to Beadwork magazine. Now as you know, I love beading, but this necklace takes a long, long time to make and a fair amount of patience and concentration to keep that continuous stripe going on for forty inches of cylinder bead rope! I do hope that you have a go at this project though or simply make the peacock 'eyes' to adapt for a project of your own - remember to send me pictures of your finished project and I'll add them to the 'Readers gallery of work' page on my website.

Have a great week and happy beading everyone!

Wednesday 2 September 2009

Bunches of flowers ...

I've just got back from a lovely week staying with my parents on Romney Marsh which is where I grew up. It is on the south-eastern tip of England and seems to have a little climate all of its own. While we have had a very wet summer here in the Midlands, Mum has complained about everything in the garden being parched through lack of rain. The garden still looked lovely to me though, full of beautiful floral beady inspiration and we spent many happy hours sat in the garden eating Mum's home-baked scones with jam and cream and also walking miles and miles to help balance out the calories!

Beads were the first thing I packed for my trip, but I didn't actually do any beading for the whole week. I spent lots of dreamy time thinking about beads and what designs I might like to try next though and so I'm full of enthusiasm now. I didn't take any pictures of my trip either, but I thought I'd share a picture of Mum's late birthday present which I took with me. It's made using the same principle as my recent daisies but it has different petals. I originally set out to make a Gazania, which is one of Mum's favourite flowers, but I ended up with too many small petals for it to be quite right - still Mum loves it and it looked great pinned on her navy cardigan on a trip out together!