Wednesday 17 April 2013

Stripes and Spikes!

Issue three of the new on-line beading magazine Digital Beading Magazine is now available and it seems to have grown yet again with 166 pages and over 50 very varied projects.  I have two new projects in this issue and I was thrilled to see that my project Floribunda Bangle is on the cover!  The bangle is part of the range that I have been creating with the beautiful Czech glass striped beads from Preciosa Ornela and is a really substantial 'statement piece', but as all the flowers are removable you can make as many as you want or even just make one to wear as a pretty pendant.

The second project 'Simply Spikes' is exactly what the name suggests; a set of bracelets and rings that use only the new spike beads from and strangely for me ... no seed beads!

And last but not least, little 'Flash' the stripey owl has his Australian version of the Preciosa Ornela advert in the magazine too!  I know it looks as though I have hijacked this issue of the new magazine, but don't worry, with 166 pages there are plenty of other projects to choose from - why not purchase a copy and see for yourself?

See you next time!


Tuesday 2 April 2013

International Flash!

If you follow me on Facebook you will know that I have recently been doing some work with bead giants Preciosa Ornela - a Czech Republic based company that manufactures a vast range of high quality Czech glass beads in all shapes and sizes.  I started off by creating some pieces using their two hole Twin™ seed beads which was quite a challenge for me as I had not worked with that bead shape before and you can see the results of my efforts by following this link.  My next assignment was to work with Preciosa's striped seed beads and although most of these beads come in larger sizes than the beads I usually work with, I felt much more at home with them and I began creating an assortment of striped beadwork.  I would love to be able to show you all the new pieces and to talk more about my experiences with these striped seed beads, but  I am afraid that I have to be a little bit mysterious as Preciosa sometimes has other plans and so I mostly have to keep things under wraps until I am given the go ahead. BUT ... I can tell you that one of my striped bead 'critters' has been used in a full page magazine advert for Preciosa!

I am very proud of 'Flash' my little beaded owl as he was made in England (by me) and then he flew all the way to the Czech Republic to have his picture taken professionally and now here he is starring in a full page advert in the US magazine Bead Style!

I hope to be back with more stripey news very soon.

Bye for now!