Thursday 9 December 2010

Popper Flowers Workshop in Hamburg!

Well this has been a long time in the planning stages, but I am finally able to tell you that earlier this year, I had the honour of being invited to teach at the first Bead Art Fair in Hamburg (Germany) in 2011 - and of course I said 'Yes please!' to that fantastic offer.  Since then, all of the teachers have been busy preparing their workshop projects and the classes have now been announced and are available for you to book.  The fair is on the 20th and 21st of August 2011 and promises to be a huge and exciting event with lots of exhibitors and classes.  Workshop places are limited (I am offering one class on Saturday and one on Sunday and each has only 10 places available) and I have heard that they are already filling up, so if you would like to book a place, please hurry!

My workshop project is called Popper Flowers!  In the class I will show you how to use a combination of stitches to create two different coloured flowers with a single base of green leaves.  The flowers are interchangeable and so you can pop a flower on, pop a flower off and change them to suit your mood.  The project is to make the Popper Flower into a pendant that you can then hang from a necklace of your choice, but you could just as easily turn your Popper Flower into a brooch, a bracelet, a ring ... anything you fancy really!

The price of the workshop will include the materials (excluding Fireline which you will need to bring with you) and I am offering 3 colour choices.  Kit A has a pink and a purple flower, Kit B has a yellow and a blue flower and Kit C has a black and a white flower - each kit has a different coloured leaf base.  This is an advanced project and will not be finished in class, but we will cover all the tricky bits in class and I will also be providing comprehensive instructions for you to take home to complete your Popper Flowers.  The class will be in English but there will be a German translator on hand.

I think this is going to be a really fun class and I would love to meet you, but don't forget to take a look at all of the other wonderful workshops being offered by a host of great international teachers.  The fair is organised by the German magazine Perlen Poesie and full details can be found on their website be sure to check out all the links under the Messe/Show 2011 tab.

You can see all the available workshops here and the booking form for all workshops is here.  See you at the Bead Art Fair!