Saturday, 19 April 2008

Experimenting with photos!

So, I've had my Etsy shop for just over a week now and I can hardly leave it alone! I started out with all white backgrounds on my photos - there's a school of thought that says this is the 'best' way to do it as it lets the product stand out and also apparently you have more chance of being picked for a 'treasury' (a kind of showcase) if you have white background photos. But, as my shop started to fill up, I began to think it was looking a bit stark and sterile and so I've retaken some shots with coloured backgrounds and props.

I've spent hours this week experimenting with photos and I've even crammed some of Simon's trousers, shirts and ties into my little light-tent in an effort to create a more masculine theme for some of the gents cufflinks. I've also gone back to some of my favourite backgrounds of hand-made paper and a fresh lily flower for some of the more feminine pieces. The shop currently has a mix of some white and some coloured backgrounds - personally I am happy with it and I think it gives the shop a bit more 'character' - what do you think ... coloured or plain?


  1. Kerrie, I think the pics with a splash of colour are fab - like that tie of Simon's lol. Poppies look gorgeous.

  2. Kerrie, I like both. The white is nice to let a piece speak for itself. But as you said, it can be stark when ALL the items in your shop are taken on a white bacground. I think you have the right idea.
    Also, I love the pale green hand-made paper and the lily.
    jewellery by erin
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  3. I like your photos, both with wite background and with colors to it. You really make wounderful jewelry.

  4. Thanks everyone - hello and welcome falskblondin!

    Yes, I think I'll keep a mix of white and colour backgrounds for the time being.

    Kerrie x

  5. I think your new photos are great - it's obvious that you've put a lot of thought into 'staging' them.


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