Friday, 5 December 2008

The love and loss of leaves!

Although it's a crisp sunny day here today, things have been a bit gloomy now that all the deciduous trees have lost their leaves. I still struggle to come to terms with the contrast between the lushness of my garden in June and the bare black branches in December.

In fact, the view from my window for several days this week was so miserable, that it inspired me to do something about it and cheer myself up by making my own leaves!

Most of my beadwork has a nature theme and I've made lots and lots of different flowers over the past few years, so why not leaves? Of course my first attempt at leaves was Olive Earrings which was published in Beadwork magazine earlier this year, but this week I have 'branched out' and created Willow Earrings and some very festive Mistletoe Earrings!

I now have a pair of leafy earrings swinging merrily from my ears and I feel much happier - hmmmm, do you think I might be bordering on the eccentric?


  1. the view onto my garden looks much the same - bleak, grey, wet, depressing.
    Gorgeous earrings!

  2. my garden is under 10 inches of snow today, with another 6-8 predicted to be on the way - much nicer than just the cold and gray but it's definitely NOT flowers!

    love the mistletoe earrings, kerrie! very clever idea and definitely cheery!

  3. Lovely earrings, Kerrie. Just think, in a few more months, things will start blooming and leafing. I don't have to worry about that down here as we have leaves on most of our trees in the winter and our flowers still bloom in the winter. I sometimes wish for a real winter.

  4. Kerrie - thatwas a lovely idea. When I feel depressed missing sunshine simply and because the weather gives me the creeps I go back to my photos of blossoms and colours and work a little bit on those...
    Greetings from Munich, Petra

  5. oh... that picture of the bare tree has just reminded me how happy I am not to live in London anymore, at least weather-wise!!! Love the earrings!!! :-)

  6. I love them Kerrie. Seems ages since we met in Nottingham - I thought about you a few weeks ago when we went to see Wishbone Ash there
    x chris

  7. Beautiful earrings and leaves, just beautiful! Your work is so wonderful all the time though anyway!

  8. Awww you are all so kind - thanks everyone! Strangely, the sun hasn't stopped shining since I wrote this post :D

    Kerrie x


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