Friday, 26 June 2009

The gallery is growing!

I've recently added some lovely new pictures to the 'Readers gallery of work' page on my website. These have all been sent to me by other beaders who have followed my published patterns, often going on to add a new twist of their own by changing the colours or incorporating elements into their own designs. I really enjoy seeing these pictures and receiving feedback on my designs and so I thought I would show a selection of them here this week. If you follow any of my published patterns (details of which can be found here ) please feel free to send me a picture and I will gladly add it to the gallery together with your name and links to any websites/blogs you may have.

Diane Fitzgerald uses the hibiscus flower to embellish her bee themed hexagonal quilt piece!

Adele Rogers Recklies added a frosted flower to strands of silk and organza ribbon to create this beautiful necklace.

Sarah Tucker turned her poppy into a dramatic cuff.

Sue Barker created her Supernova Choker as a gift for a friend.

Alison Inglis added a single flower to a strand of leather to create this beautiful fantasy foxglove.

Christine Moore created her own special pet using the dragon pattern!

I hope you enjoy looking at these beautiful beady pictures and a big thank you to everyone who has given me permission to show their work!


  1. Very cool to see how others use your patterns!

  2. What a compliment to see how others use your designs!

  3. Excuse me while I nearly faint at having my work in the same post as Diane Fitzgerald's,lol! Thank you for including my bracelet and for the beautiful patterns you create! I love the other beaders work, I really want one of those dragons now.

  4. I've always loved your flowers. You should be so proud of what has blossomed from your designs.

  5. You must feel so very proud Kerrie that your ideas are being used by so many others
    well done xx

  6. Thank you for your really lovely comments everyone and LOL @ Sarah :0)