Monday, 11 April 2011

Spine Flowers!

The date for my next beading workshop is coming round fast and so I have spent the last 2 weeks busily preparing for it; writing instructions, drawing diagrams, taking photos and beading samples.  The class will be held at The Bead Shop (Nottingham) Ltd on May the 26th and is called 'Kerrie Slade's Herringbone Flower', but you know me, I like to have a name for my pieces and so I have called this tutorial 'Spine Flower' because of the stripes in it.

This one is a fun little project that is quite quick to make and the finished flower has lots of potential.  The actual workshop is to make a single flower that can be worn as either a pendant or a brooch, but I am sure that you will find other ways to use your Spine Flower.  It can also look quite different depending on what colours you choose to make it in -  maybe pretty pinks and lilacs or perhaps something similar to my Gothic red and black version?
This project has been set at beginner/intermediate level and ideally you need to be familiar with herringbone stitch, but as usual, I have written comprehensive instructions with plenty of diagrams and photos and of course I will be on hand to help out with any difficulties (if you are thinking of booking this class but are not sure if it will be suitable for you, please contact either myself or the shop staff to check).  It is a 3 hour workshop and costs £40 per person with all materials and refreshments provided.

Hope to meet you on May the 26th!


  1. Oh I wish I didn't live so far away, the workshop sounds fabulous!

  2. That is awesome!! I see many possibilities, a brooch would be lovely.

  3. Beautiful Kerrie!! lovely flower

  4. What a beautiful flower! I can see many design possibilities with it. Hope your class is/was a huge success.

  5. Is there any free tutorial for that flower...very nice

    1. Not a free tutorial I am afraid 'Anonymous' but it is available to purchase from this page of my website

      Glad you like it!

      Kerrie ♥


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