Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Midnight Garden!

Remember me telling you last week about my exhibition plans?  Well, you would think that with the luxury of 11 months stretching before me and 1700g of seed beads by my side, the rest would be easy, wouldn't you?  I have really been looking forward to this time (having been very disciplined in previous months by only beading what I had to bead, rather than what I wanted to bead) and so I expected that when the time arrived, I would simply pick up my needle, thread and beads and my new collection would flow from my fingers.  However, I discovered that it wasn't going to be quite as simple as that and I spent the first day surrounded by beads wondering where on earth to start!  After another day of rising panic (which is surely the number one imagination killer) I decided to relax and just play and if there was nothing to show at the end of the first week, then so be it.

From the outset, I knew that I wanted to create a themed exhibition and if you are a regular follower of my blog, you will know that not only am I very fond of flowers, but that I also love the escapism  that fairy tales give us.  Ever since I was a small child, I have always loved to sit by a window on a moonlight night, gazing out at the garden, imagining what the fairy folk might be up to and so I thought that this would be the perfect time to indulge three of my passions and create a beaded midnight garden!  With this in mind, my first experiments began with vines and tendrils and I created this simple (yet hopefully elegant) little herringbone necklace with a single night bloom at the centre - if you click on the picture it will open a larger version.

I hope that my midnight garden will soon sprout many fantasy flowers with leaves, vines, buds and petals all unfurling in the magical moonlight ready to be made into jewellery fit for a Faerie Queen!  As promised, I will keep posting my garden news and I would welcome your company on my journey.



  1. Self-imposed pressure is the toughest of them all. But if your first experiments are anything to go by you are seriously up to the challenge! If we were in the same room I'd give you a high five ;) x

  2. Thanks girls and a big high five back at you Jane!

    Kerrie x

  3. Hola, recibi tu mensaje y ya te sigo tambien en este blog, soy adriana una gran seguidora de tus trabajos Eres una gran artista, tus trabajos son impresionantes, estoy fascinada y encanta con tan bellas joyas, te felicito

  4. He, congratulations, and thank you for sharing


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