Friday, 2 December 2011

The Gateway to the Garden!

This piece only measures 2 inches by 1½ inches (5cm by 4cm) but it has still taken me the best part of 3 weeks to make!  I've loved labradorite since the first time I saw it and I always felt that it has magical properties, so I knew I wanted to use some in my Midnight Garden exhibition.  When I spotted this pendant at Kandra's Beads I thought it looked like a doorway (one I very much wanted to walk through) and I wondered if I would be able to create my vision in beads.  My idea was to make it look like an arch through an ancient walled garden that you might stumble upon on a moonlight ramble.  The wall would be covered in vines and leaves that had grown up around it with long grass at the base and maybe there would be an old gnarled tree curving around the entrance.  All of these things would form a frame and through that frame you would be able to glimpse the magic inside.  Then, as you stand transfixed, not knowing whether to cross that threshold or to leave with your secret, you hold your breath as you gaze at the glorious backdrop of the night sky wondering whether the dark intriguing shapes could be fairies dancing in the moonlight?  So I set about using my beads, needle and thread to create The Gateway to the Garden ... 

I hope you enjoy looking at my new piece but more importantly, I hope that you can see what I see.

As always, I love to receive your comments. so let me know what you think and I'll be back whenever something new grows in the Midnight Garden.



  1. Of course I can see it!! I can't begin to tell you how much I am in love with this series you're making, Kerrie. If I had a way, I would own every piece. They all speak to me - and I think I've always wanted to find that secret place, too, the one you're working on making a reality. Just incredible work, especially given your limited palette. You're amazing. (Not just because of the beads, either.) :)

  2. I see it and it is beautiful and it beckons. Amazing. *hugs*

  3. I definitely see it. It's wonderful!

  4. I want to go into the garden and not come back!! It looks just beautiful, I can't believe what a wonderful artist you are, Miss Kerrie Slade!

  5. Thank you for your truly wonderful and supportive comments everyone!

    Kerrie x

  6. Kerry ,this is more than beautiful!


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