Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Dream Divers!

Normal beady service has now been resumed after my metal clay adventures of last week and I have just finished the latest piece for the Midnight Garden exhibition.  As usual, I am juggling all sorts of balls and one of those is creating some finished pieces for The Beadsmith using their Elegant Elements range of clasps.  I originally chose two clasps but I also received a third bonus clasp and when I first saw it I was reminded of a turtle.  Now turtles wouldn't have been an obvious choice for me to feature in a midnight garden, but I only have so much time and so I had to be a little bit creative and try and make the idea fit.  Maybe our garden is near the coast and there is an overgrown pathway leading down to a secret cove?

I knew straight away that I wanted to try and make a beaded turtle, but once I had done that I was left wondering how to create a finished piece.  I tried making a bracelet with a row of turtles and I tried attaching them to a cuff bracelet but there was no spark in their little pearly eyes and so I knew that I hadn't given them the home of their dreams.  It was then that I heard the story and saw the image flash before me.  The Dream Divers represents two turtles diving through the deep glistening moonlit sea of our dreams, past long fronds of gently waving kelp, singing a song that few can hear.

Do you see their little mouths?  Do you hear their song?  Do you feel the call of The Dream Divers?

Don't forget that you can see the inspirational work from all the artists in the Elegant Elements group in this Facebook album.



  1. Gorgeous as always Kerrie :) x

  2. SWEET! I love your little amphibious babies.

  3. Kerrie this is so beautiful and the story behind it is divine! Your midnight garden sounds like a very special place x

  4. I LOVE the little Turtles/Terrapins and they definitely belong in the Garden... in a different pond to any beaded fish which might appear, just in case they are hungry

  5. They glide through the invisible ocean just perfectly!

  6. The little turtle are so sweet and beautiful,i love your works!!!

  7. Unbelievable ! You have such creativity,

  8. Thank you for all your wonderful comments everyone!

    Kerrie x


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