Tuesday 20 March 2012

The Fairy Doorway!

We finally have a new piece in the Midnight Garden and this one took me around 3 weeks to get right!  The prototype took nearly 10 days of careful beading and right at the end I discovered that there was a little thing that I had overlooked which spoilt the look of it and for me that means only one thing - start all over again!  So here is the Fairy Doorway.  As you can see I have used another wonderful piece of labradorite and this time I have created a brooch that has a little hinged door that opens and closes to reveal the magic inside.

The Fairy Doorway is surrounded by twisting vines, intricate leaves and delicate flowers arching around the simple door with the flowery handle.  The door serves as a shield to the magic inside to protect it from prying eyes and yet at the same time it beckons the brave.  Would you care to take my hand, approach the door, turn the handle and step over the beaded threshold betwixt two worlds ...


  1. I love every piece that emerges as part of your collection Kerry. I find myself getting really excited as I see the next one popping up and I can't wait to read your little stories about them, they're really magical x

  2. Hi Kerry,
    so lovely and beautiful work, i love it very much.

  3. Your work never ceases to amaze me.... simply Beautiful! :) x

  4. Thank you for all your wonderful supportive comments everyone!

    Kerrie x


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