Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Readers gallery of work.

Ever since January of this year, when my first design was published in Bead magazine, I have been receiving e-mails from readers regarding my designs. Some people have even kindly sent me pictures of their completed work using my patterns. I really love to receive comments and feedback and I especially enjoy seeing other peoples versions of my designs. So I thought rather than leave these wonderful pictures hidden amongst my computer files, it might be nice to create a gallery of readers work - and that is exactly what I have done!
I have created a sub-page on my website that is annexed to my 'Published work' page and is called 'Readers gallery of work' - there is also a link to it on my blog at the top of the side bar.

The beautiful set pictured above was beaded by June Josten who cleverly adapted the Floral Fantasy pattern in Bead & Button and created a matching bracelet and earrings!
So, I would like to invite anyone who has created a piece of beadwork based on one of my published patterns to submit a picture of it (together with your name and blog/website address if applicable) and I will gladly include it in my new gallery. It doesn't matter if your version follows the pattern exactly or if you have adapted the pattern or the colour, whether you are an experienced beader or a beginner. There is no contest here, I just thought it might be a fun thing to do and also a way to get your work seen if you do not already have a website or blog.
The designs that have been published so far are Cufflinks - Floral Fantasy - Supernova Choker and Butterfly Pendant with lots more to come!

Cufflinks by Alison Inglis of BeaDangles Jewellery.
This might be a good place to add a note on copyright too! These patterns have been published in magazines, so obviously I am happy to share my knowledge and designs with you - but please note that these designs are for your personal use only and should not be sold or taught without my prior permission ... thank you for your understanding.


  1. Great idea, Kerrie, how exciting! Looking forward to seeing everyone's interpretation of your wonderful designs xx

  2. Great designs Kerrie - I can see why you are published. I like you blog a lot.

  3. What a great idea this is! It's fun to see the interpretations people put on your designs, isn't it?

  4. what a treat is must be to see others creating from your ideas!

  5. Love the beadwork. Had never thought of doing the peyote beads to make men's cuff links.

  6. You are already famous, Carrie and you deserve it. Your designs are fabulous. I visited your Etsy website this morning and I chose some of your pieces as my favorites.

  7. Thanks everyone - I really do appreciate your comments!

    I'm hoping that people will want to be part of this, it could be a lot of fun :D

    Kerrie x