Wednesday 22 October 2008

Let's play tag!

It seems there's a tagging epidemic in Blogsville at the moment - everywhere I hop someone is sharing seven interesting but often bizarre 'facts' about themselves! Well I've been tagged twice too, so I thought I'd join in with the fun. I'd like to thank the wonderful Triz of Triz Designs for my first 'tagging' and Leah of the beautiful Michon Jewelry Blog for my second.

So my seven facts to share are:

1) Family legend has it that on my mother's side, our family tree can be traced back to the Pilgrim Fathers, but that we also have a Spanish pirate thrown into the mix. Whether it is true or not, I like this idea as it seems to pretty much sum up the person you see before you today!
2) I am a member of Mensa.
3) I am the only child of an only child and I don't have any children - so this particular Slade line stops right here.
4) I have a penchant for real ale and/or home brew. In fact, Dad has a barrel of homemade nettle ale fermenting right now for our next visit!
5) I don't have any tattoos in any out of the way places, but I do have a rather splendid secret mole ;0)
6) Mum tells me that when I first learnt to read I would start from the bottom right hand corner of a page and read up to the top left. Mum also says that the first time I wrote my name I wrote E, I, R, R, E, K - now this really explains a lot!
7) I am a free spirited Sagittarius born in the year of the snake sssssssssssssssssssss!
Once again I won't be passing this on as everybody I would have tagged has already played the game. As usual, I would encourage you to explore some of the blogs and sites listed on my side bar, or the links to the Etsy Bead Weavers or Entrecard.

Other news is that the two winners of the Awareness Ribbon Pins have been announced on Beading Daily. It was a difficult decision as there were so many moving stories. If you have time, follow this link and read the two winning entries - there is also space to leave a comment at the end if you wish.


  1. Interesting random facts. This does really seem to be going around in blogland right now, doesn't it? I just did this yesterday.

  2. Love your comments, Kerrie. Wow! A member of mensa and backwards too. LOL

  3. sorry for putting you through this :-) but thank you for playing... it's fun reading all these titbits of everyone's life! :-)

  4. Interesting article on being an only child and not having anymore. Being a member of Mensa ..... hmmm good IQ =D Writing backwards ....
    Like your work !

  5. It's fun learning personal facts about fellow EBW members since we never meet face-to-face.

  6. Love, love, love your work. Just started beading myself. All my relatives (poor things) will be getting samples of my work for Christmas.

    Maybe one of these days I can have my own etsy shop.

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone!

    Welcome to the beady club Page - it's a wonderful and rewarding pastime :0)

    Kerrie x


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