Wednesday 5 November 2008

A little rant ...

I've been blogging for 8 months now and from the start I wanted this to be a happy place to visit and so I kept it bright and breezy with lots of pretty pictures of my two passions of beadwork and flowers. But like my picture in the previous post, this is just an image that doesn't tell the whole truth. This picture was used in my profile in the latest issue of Bead magazine in which I hinted at some of the darkness, and yes it is a picture of me beading in our garden. I heard from one or two people that they liked that image, that they wanted to be me, wearing that dress, beading in that garden. I don't dispute that I am a very lucky person but like most photographs, that picture is posed. Perhaps the way I have portrayed myself is the reason I receive quite a few emails almost demanding to know how to do something without even a please or thank you, or why a few people think it is OK to 'buy' something from me and then not send me the money, or to send me aggressive or abusive messages, or to copy my work without acknowledging me? To be fair, I also receive lots of wonderful messages too and I take the good with the bad and respond to every one in the same kind and friendly way that I would like to be treated.

I hadn't really meant to say all this, but it ties in nicely with the main subject of today's post. My lovely husband Simon was made redundant last month and has so far not found another job. On top of that, on Monday he was diagnosed with sarcoidosis which is an auto-immune disease in which the body attacks itself - in Simon's case it is in his lungs and already his lung capacity is down to 60% of what it should be. It was a scary thing to hear and we knew nothing about this condition, but I have since heard from lots of my beady friends who have or know someone with this problem and with the right treatment the outlook is good. We will get through this together. I am very thankful for the new friends I have found through my beadwork and for those who treat me as an equal human being and see the person behind the image. To the few who seem to either want to be me or have a piece of what they think I have, I would say "Welcome, but not everything in my garden is rosy!"

There, that's got that off my chest - normal beady service will be resumed next week!


  1. Dear Kerrie
    In this instance thoughts speak louder than words so feel the loving Reiki energy being sent to you
    xx Chris

  2. I hope things look up for you both sooner rather than later. They *will* look up.

  3. Kerry, it is good to get things off your chest and let people know what you feel. Like my mother used to say, life is like a bed of have all that beauty but it has the thorns also. We all get pricked once in a while. Hang in there and remember you have your friends when you need to vent.

  4. Ah, Kerrie, sometimes a person's just gotta vent. It's okay. I'm one of those middle children who thinks they have to fix everything for everyone and I wish I could offer sage words, but can only offer a hug instead. Hope your and your husband's situation improves soon.

  5. That's sad. Try to focus on all the support and good will you have coming from the beading world. Your work is beautiful and a wonderful inspiration.

    I'd never heard of sarcoidosis before this post. I hope Simon's treatment has him feeling better soon.

  6. Oh Kerrie, I am so sorry about the diagnosis for your husband. My friend's husband is afflicted as well, only his is kidney and liver.

    May you find peace in your beading and all things will come together in time. (((hugs))) Anna

  7. I've never heard of sarcoidosis before your post, too.
    Simon will be well soon as I'm a strong believer of will-power. Care of the loved ones is important.
    Not everyone's garden is rosey but we learn each day as we get by.

  8. All I can say ... or rather do ... {{{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}}.

    I hope all goes well with Simon's treatment. Your garden may not be rosy, but it's obvious that you and Simon has a deep, abiding love and for better or worse, that is worth more than all the roses in the world.

  9. Kerrie,
    I can feel your pain by your words. I am sorry to hear about your husband's illness and I'm wishing him a quick, full recovery. Hang in there through this difficult time that you're having...
    Sending you a big hug.


  10. Big squeeeeeezy hugs to you Kerrie!

    What I love about this photo is that you look so peaceful. I guess we all look for things that we lack ourselves.

    Keep strong! xxxx

  11. Kerrie,

    You have a beautiful garden and you've every right to show it off and no one has the right to judge anyone else's way of living or being. It's jealousy or sour grapes and there is no need for you to let that negative energy permeate your lovely garden, your life and your beautiful work. I am appalled by the people who try to copy other artists simply because they are too lazy to use their own creative brains and do something new. You have a wonderful talent, a lovely life, and it is a joy to me to share in it with you by looking at your blog.

    Please know that your husband and your whole family will be in my thoughts and prayers as he goes through this health challenge. I will pray for a complete recovery. Miracles do happen.



  12. Yes, I've heard there are some very bad people around, but don't let them overshadow the good and kind ones.
    You're doing an awesome job and if I had the money...

    You've suffered quite some blows and I wish you and your hubby a lot of strength. You're having each other and I hope the relationship will only grow even better.

    Big hugs for you and keep being yourself.

  13. Kerrie & Simon, sending you lots of love and hugs. As soon as I have a spare couple of hours I'll be up to see you. You know my feelings on those who have been stealing from you, whether it be your ideas, patterns or actual items. As you said to me yourself, Karma will get them in the end.

    Keep your chin up, matey xxxxxxx

  14. Kerrie, Hope you and Simon are able to support each other through these difficult times. I am sending you some hugs and sympathy. My dear husband has worked hard all his life and been made redundant twice, the first time after being in the job for almost 20 years. Since then we have had some very hard times, but also some wonderful times. I wish Simon a speedy recovery.
    You are entitled to rant about plagiarism issues so get it off your chest.
    Best Wishes.

  15.'s definately good to get things off your chest.

    You and your husband will be in my thoughts. There really is power in positive thinking!

  16. Kerrie, maybe this will bring you a smile! Come see:

  17. Hi, I'm not a beader but I love the beadwork that I've seen on your blog and enjoy coming to your blog as part of my entrecard visits. I'm sorry to learn of your difficulty, it's true that we often imagine that others' lives are idillyic when in fact we're all struggling. Best wishes to you and your family.

  18. Hello, I hope things will get better for you and your family.

  19. Thank you for all the wonderful comments and support everyone - it means so much to us.

    Kerrie x

  20. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Simon. I know first hand what a kind and generaous person you are - you hang in there and know that you have some great supporters!

  21. Kerrie, I'm saddened to hear that life's road is a little bumpy for you and Simon at the moment. Please know that the horizon holds better things and a smoother journey. Thinking of you both, Belinda -xo-

  22. You know Kerrie, sometimes it is time to wear a teflon piece of armour and push some of the nonsense away. Although it takes years of practice at Deflection School. Perceptions can be so deceptive, those little snapshots only tell a limite amount of the story. I am really sorry to hear about Simon's health, my aunty Winnie has that condition, she really struggles at times. I don't have any platitudes available to me to remotely suggest to "just cheer up". Life is bumpy sometimes, it bites you in the backside and you don't know what hit you. And then, it turns again. It is weird, no matter how old I get I will never get used to the fickleness. All we have is that internal flame, and people around us giving us confidence when the going gets tough. Don't let the nasty side of beading take your wind out of your sails, use the energy it generates to create, not deflate. Love Bianca

  23. It's so sad that creative people continually have to suffer this sort of crap. If I had a dollar for everytime I've heard a similar story I'd be a millionaire. I've had a few things happen to me as well in the persuit of my own creativity and the long and short of it and not to take crap from anyone. Sometimes you can hit those idiots with a sledge hammer and they still don't get it.
    By the way I love your work Kerrie and am also really sorry to hear about Simon's illness. Take care and remember you're never really alone.

  24. Hi Kerrie,

    I'm a bit late responding but I hope your husband has received the treatment suited to him and is doing better. Any progress on the job front?


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