Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Growth and change ...

It's funny how things change.  I remember back in around 2004, I hadn't been beading for very long and believe it or not, I didn't really know where to buy beads.  I used to buy packs of Mill Hill beads from a large DIY store, and as these were really only meant to embellish embroidery projects, they came in tiny packs and it worked out very expensive if you wanted to make a large beaded project.  Then I heard about a new family-run on-line bead shop that was opening and an open day that they were going to hold at the owner's house.  I went to that first event and had a wonderful time rummaging through the tubes of beads and asking quite simple questions, like the difference between a seed bead and a cylinder bead, and what pliers I would need to create wrapped loops.  That bead shop was Beads Direct and although the company has now changed hands, I have been buying beads from them ever since they first opened.  I have always received excellent, fast and friendly service, with the beads usually arriving the day after ordering them and all beautifully packaged.

Beads Direct has expanded a great deal since those early days and I have grown too, so it was a lovely surprise when Claire, the marketing manager, contacted me to see if I would be interested in doing some work together, which of course I am more than happy to do.  I think just about every one of my published projects, over the years, has used at least some beads from Beads Direct and you can see their great range of seed and cylinder beads here.  Be sure to check out the other goodies they have to offer though as well, such as crystals, pearls, semi-precious stones and a great selection of clasps.  There's lots to look at on their website too, like a collection of 'how to' videos and they also have their own blog - Claire recently asked me some questions about how I came to start working with beads and you can read my answers here.  We are discussing the details at the moment, but one of my projects will soon be available from the Beads Direct website, so keep your eye on their website and blog for details!


  1. It's so nice to have a real realtionship with a supplier! And the Beads Direct website is well organzed and stocked. My first "fall-in-love" bead store has changed quite dramatically with the recession, replacing experienced pros with inexpensive newbees, but it is still nice to touch and feel beads in person, I must say. And you are so right Kerrie. Nice packaging, great selection and freindly assistance is so very important! Nice post.

  2. I didn't know they changed hands!!!

    I can't wait to see what you've got in the works!

  3. Hi Kerrie

    I can't believe you've only been beading since '04! Amazing, you must be a natural beader.. I love your designs beautiful and feminine.

    I read your interview with beads direct, you are right they have excellent customer service I have bought from them at a couple of shows and they have great staff who are very helpful (and patient with my 4 year old who wanted to touch everything!)
    look forward to seeing your partnership in action.

  4. Thanks for your comments girls! Hi Berny! Nice to see you here :o) I've probably been beading for 8 or 9 years, but I was really only 'dabbling' until I discovered just how many beads were actually out there lol!

    Kerrie ♥

  5. Your designs are so great! It looks like your a professional. I've used Beads direct before and found some great stuff as well, I just recently tried jewelry supplies online and found some great stuff there as well!