Friday, 23 April 2010

Special issue!

The new 'Special colour issue' of Bead magazine is now in the shops and even if I wasn't lucky enough to have work in there, I would still be rushing out to buy it!  This issue is packed with 115 pages of inspirational beady eye candy, a real variety of great projects and fascinating insights into how some designers go about choosing colours.  My project, 'Maid Marian's Quiver' is on page 30 and 'Royal Quiver' is also shown on page 33 to give an idea of how different this project can look, depending on what colours you choose.  I know some of you have been wanting to make your own version of this piece and I can't wait to see pictures of your creations - please do send me a photo and I will add it to the 'Readers' Gallery' page on my website!

My 'Colour Musings' are on pages 34 and 35, along with a selection of pictures to try and illustrate my ideas about colour and to show how I have used it in my work so far.  As you know, I am by no means an expert on colour and although I have a colour wheel and a couple of books on colour theory, I still don't really understand the technical side of it, so I've just kept it to some basic ideas which I hope you will find interesting and maybe try one or two of them in your own work.

I was also really pleased to see the tutorial for my Core Beaded Beads is given a mention in the 'Bead News' section on page 61.  So all in all, this really is a special issue for me!

See you next week!


  1. How exciting! I had to buy an online subscription so I can get the instructions here in the US! I love all your flower work and the silver lined beads are really fantastic. I need more beading hours in my day!

  2. I've given you the "I love your blog" award :) When you have the time you can collect if here:

    All the best,
    Clair x

  3. Thank you Christina and I definitely know what you mean about needing more beading hours - never enough time to try out all the things we want to!

    Thank you so much for the award Clair!

    Kerrie x

  4. j'addors j'aimerais bien aprendre
    je te felicite de tous se que tu fais tu as une patience terible
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    de la part de MINA