Wednesday 25 June 2014

Flamenco Pellets!

Hello everyone!

In complete contrast to last week's elegantly refined Charlotte flowers, this week I am here to bring you news of a bright bold and bouncy design in the shape of Flamenco Pellets! This is the fifth design from my Thorn™ and Pellet™ bead collection to be published and you can find links to where the instructions for the other designs are if you scroll through my recent blog posts. Flamenco Pellets is on page 46 of the August 2014 issue of Bead & Button magazine and I am really happy with the layout of this project as I think the picture of the Flamenco dancer captures the spirit of this piece perfectly.

I am very fortunate in that I get to spend several weeks a year in Spain and so the Spanish culture, weather, flora and just the general way of life often influences my work. When I was working with Preciosa Ornela's Pellet beads, the brilliant opaque red instantly caught my eye and as I am a big fan of pairing black and red I began experimenting with red Pellets and black seed beads. Soon circles and ruffles began to appear which reminded me of the Flamenco dancers I had seen in Spain and so I came up with the idea of creating a fearless bracelet and earring set with a lot of movement in it. I imagined a passionate dancer proudly wearing these pieces and shaking them as she raises her arms, tosses her head, stamps her feet and twirls her frilly skirt. Are you with me? Can you see that? Can you hear it?

Of course you could change the mood completely and make this set in cool aqua or smooth butterscotch or even marbled lavender as the Pellet beads come in such a great range of colours and finishes. But whatever you decide, I hope you have fun with my latest pattern and that you enjoy wearing the finished piece - even if you don't stamp your feet and twirl your skirt.

There's another new and completely different pattern just around the corner. So ... see you next time!


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