Monday 2 June 2014

Modern Antiques!

Hello everyone!

I have two pieces of news today - the first is that as mentioned in my last post, I have now joined the Bead and Button blogging team and you can read my first post here where I talk about two-holed beads. I'll be posting a new piece every month on a variety of subjects, so be sure to follow the Bead Buzz Blog and if there is anything you'd particularly like to see me cover, just let me know!

The second piece of news is that I have a new FREE pattern available to download from the Bead and Button website. 'Modern Antiques' is a simple little right-angle weave pattern but what makes it special is the beads! These 10 mm beads are known by a variety of names including English-cuts, rough-cuts and Antique-cuts (owing to their slightly roughened edges which mimic the look of antique beads) and they come in a wide range of the most beautiful finishes.

These beads are not shy and really want to be seen, so I kept the design very simple to let the beads shine and then I finished each one off with a gorgeous statement clasp. The bracelets are so quick and easy to make that you can have one on your wrist within a couple of hours and the bright colours are perfect for summer wear. As you can see - I made a whole handful! If you want to make your very own 'Modern Antique' simply click on this link and then either sign in or register to download the pattern.

All the beads and clasps I have used are available from A Grain Of Sand and they have put together some great bead and clasp suggestions which you can browse through on this page of their website. The bead finishes have irresistible names like 'Halo Heavens', 'Iced Raspberry' and 'Decadent Aluminum' and I really can't decide which is my favourite - although that 'Iced Blueberry' at the top of the collage is really catching my eye!

That's it for now but I will be back with more beady news soon!

See you next time!



  1. All those english cut bead colours available now are gorgeous, aren't they? Normally I'd say they're too chunky for my taste, but like many other beaders I've totally fallen for them anyway. They're irresistable and I've bought too many colours (including some Iced Blueberry for my sis) because of it. Really went beyond my budget and that was *after* removing half of them from the shopping carts!

    Now it's just the matter of what to make with them... Your pretty bracelet pattern is sure to be an inspiration for me. It's really nice and enhances the shape of the beads while also putting the colour of them in the centre of attention. The lovely clasps are the icing on the cake.

  2. Thanks for Old but yet new twisty tale

  3. Thank you pb and Maneki!

    Kerrie ♥


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