Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Easter Inspiration!

Well, I spent the Easter holiday period at my parents house and whilst the weather wasn't fantastic, a mixture of sunshine, snow, rain and lots of wind, we managed to get out and about and nearly walked the poor dog off her feet! I remembered to take my camera with me this time, and thought I'd attempt a few inspirational 'arty' shots. Now that I'm uploading/downloading (whichever way it is!) them, I see that most of them are out of focus - especially the one's where I was trying to be a bit clever and position my camera in amongst some gorgeous velvety moss at eye level - more practice needed I think! Still, I think the pictures below capture some of the glorious natural inspiration that surrounds us, such intense blues and greens at this time of year and the hedges were covered in the beautiful Blackthorn flowers with their delicate fluffy middles - can't wait to get beading!


  1. Great pics, Kerrie! The blossom one is my fave. I love taking arty pics of mosses and lichens too. Looking forward to seeing your interpretations of these.

  2. I love the pictures Kerrie thanks for sharing them with us
    x Chris


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