Monday, 3 March 2008

First blog!

Well, thought it was about time I joined the band of beading bloggers! The first step was a website and now it's a blog - whew I feel almost modern! It's been such a roller-coaster of a year and suddenly my work is 'out there' and I'm having to come out of my shell. Think I'm going to struggle with blogging to start with, being a naturally quiet and shy kind of girl, but I'll soon get into the swing of it!


  1. O O O I'm happy to went on your blog from a very far forum, Are you the designer of BNB magazine cover?
    Your beadwork is very beautiful, I love these flowers!

  2. Hello!

    Thank you for your comment.

    Yes that is my design on the cover of Bead&Button - I am glad you like it.

    I have seen and commented on your beautiful work on that far away forum too!

    Kerrie :-)

  3. Kerrie, I'm working on this project now. I made my first foxglove flower, my husband didn't think it looked like a flower. So I took it out and I'm trying again. Have you any books out? Fran

  4. Hi Fran;

    I have e-mailed you :-)


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