Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Feels like Spring!

A touch of snow this morning, but it's a beautiful sunny day now. It's that time of year again when everything seems to burst into shades of pink and yellow - Forsythia and Flowering currant in almost everyone's garden. So today I am fitting in with Nature's theme and working on my pink lap-tray to finish my yellow Primrose Pin. It's one of a series that will be in Bead Magazine hopefully in time for next Spring!


  1. We didn't get snow! That little primrose looks lovely, looking forward to seeing it in the mag. Great job on the blog, looks lovely, well done matey x

  2. This looks great Kerrie! How wonderful to have the magazine covers featuring your work in your blog too - well deserved!

  3. Kerrie the Blog's looking great and congratulations on all the hard work paying off. it's great to know someone famous :)

  4. Thank you my beady-buddies ;-)

  5. Kerrie, looking forward to making some of your great flowers. Thank you Fran


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