Saturday, 29 March 2008

Something old - something new.

What have I got to show you today? Well I haven’t had chance to come up with any new designs just lately, as I’ve got lots of testing and writing up to do for projects that have already been accepted for magazines. I’m ploughing through them though, and hopefully I’ll have everything finished in a couple of weeks so that I can then move on to trying out some new ideas I have jotted down in my various notebooks!

In the meantime, I thought I’d show you my Butterfly Pendant which is in the latest issue of Bead and maybe some of my international readers won’t have seen it. It’s a Herringbone stitch pendant, with a tiny Brick stitch flower and a butterfly charm, hung from Memory Wire and decorated with garnet Swarovski crystals. There are two more projects coming up in the next two issues of Bead – Frog Pendant and Dragonfly Pendant.

I also thought I’d show you a pair of earrings I’ve just made for myself. As you can probably see, I am mainly a bead weaver, but I recently treated myself to a gorgeous necklace from my friend Julie of Lush Lampwork made especially in colours to match a top I have. Julie also made me some matching smaller beads so that I could make myself some earrings. They are nothing fancy, I wanted the beautiful beads to speak for themselves, so I have just added some light sapphire Swarovski crystals, formed a couple of wrapped loops and hung them from some sterling silver earwires that I made by wrapping some wire around a pencil! I love them and am virtually living in them!


  1. Fab earrings, Kerrie, looking forward to seeing the necklace. Great project in Bead and looking forward to the others too.

  2. love those earrings! the colour is gorgeous, and the wires really set them off.

  3. How a so great creativity and skills you have !
    I have notebooks too, there are wherever I may work , and I carry always one to draw or write an idea or don't forget to go visiting Kerry Slade blog !
    Be sure that I cannot forget that's simply impossible because your so inspirated, it's always a pleasure to come here !

    Friendly regards

  4. Hi Kerrie
    I was sorry you didn't get to the meet up in Sheffield on Sunday I was looking forward to meeting you and seeing your creations in the flesh. Love the earrings
    x chris

  5. Thank you Alison and Nia!

    Luz, thank you for your wonderful comment!

    Chris - yes I'm sorry I didn't make it, I was looking forward to meeting you to ... I have the next meeting pencilled in though ;-)

    Kerrie x


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